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Life is a Gift

A River Called Life

"Life is a precious gift.  Use your day wisely." 

Life is a river.  A thriving, glorious flowing body of water that twists and turns filled with fish, beavers, small creatures, birds, eagles, violent eddies, rough waters, and calm pools. Or in our case as human beings doing the best they can as they spend each day rambling down the river of life.  An actual river flows downhill from the force of gravity.  The waters can be wide and deep or shallow to walk across.  This river can be called a stream, creek, or brook.  A once serene rushing river can turn into a flooding nightmare covering land, filling houses, and changing landscapes.  Just like humanity spinning towards the unknown.   

Life can be tranquil at moments and then burst into a storm of anger, disbelief, or tragedy.   A life is easily compared to a roaring river as transitions in our world are extremely rapid.  It can be difficult for the human mind to assess what has transpired.   The result is being swept to the shore only to pick up the pieces and get back afloat. 

River Runs Thru It

"Life is a gift. Wake up every day and realize that." 

Challenging times open the dam and the river flows swiftly.  The serene pools dissipated.  We are in a period now where unjust actions need to be ratified, fear needs resolution and new leaders need to pacify and quell the river.   Where are the leaders with soothing words and actions that moves the river of humanity towards peace and love?  Hate and anger keep the river of life in disarray.  Conversely, beauty is all around though blindness prevails.  What is next to churn up the silt?

The human existence is a gift.  We are in uncharted territories as the river maddeningly pulses forward creating fallen trees, arcs, and mud.  Throughout history a river's path can be equated to tumultuous periods of humankind which uprooted the beat of life, supplanted, and created anew with varied outcomes.  The aftermath took years to repair just as when a dam breaks and must be reconstructed along with all that lived in its path.  Plans of unity need to be part of the goals bringing rivers together to flow into one body of water.  

We believers of "life is a gift" march forward with hope for a better world. After all what choice do we have?  We know stress and despair upon our bodies leads to sickness and possibly untoward behaviors. 

What Can We Do?

"Life is a gift.  Never take it for granted." 

We can believe that every curve in the river of our lives will bring forward positivism. We can believe that the river will once again be peaceful and productive.   We can believe we each can make a difference.   We each can be the change we all wish to see.  

"Be the change you wish to see."

Change only can happen if we show by example through actions and words.  Learning to emulate peace and love will bring joy, and a greater vision for humanity.   How we present ourselves to each other through communication, openness, acceptance and acknowledging someone else's plight will make us wiser.   If we truly knew each others stories, and felt them with empathy, then we could see.  The blindness would become light. We could see the heartbreak that tears at everyone from whatever mayhem that has overridden one's life.  No one walks on earth unscathed.  We all have something to overcome with grace and courage.  

Life is a Gift

"If you are awake, you are blessed. Life is a priceless gift, appreciate every minute of it." 

Life is a gift.  Do you see your gift?  Do you cherish it?  Or are you throwing it away?  Is your anger overpowering you?  Is your river a rush of water, rising to take over the shore and destroy everything just and good in your path.  Are you creating delight and giving love?  What kind of river are you sharing with the world? 


"Wake up every morning being thankful for the gift of life with the thought that something beautiful will happen."

The peaceful protests are a start.  We know the river of humanity will evolve to a higher plane.  We will swim together in the rivers together with awareness and justice.  We can be one together and hate will be lifted.  Let us hope and pray that this happens and that new endeavors for the betterment of mankind will be put into action.  We can believe in each other.  We can support one another.  We can believe.  

We can begin believing that "Life is a Gift".  It is meant to be cherished.  And the rivers we create can mean more to everyone around us.  A river of love.  A river of life.  A river of friendship and connection.  The river of humanity.  Life is a gift.  

"Be the change you wish to see." 

Until Next Time - God Bless



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