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Little House on the Prairie - Minimalist Lifestyle

A New Set of Keys

There are several new keys we are using.  Do you know what yours are?


"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mohandas Gandhi

CHANGE is inevitable and always the First Key.  Each of us are living out a new way of life and trying to deal with it gracefully. After all what choice do you have?  Sink or swim?  Passive or fight?  Of course, you chose to fight and survive. Changing and evolving is the step to mental and physical freedom.

Don't live in a state of fear. Don't let the news swallow you up and make you anxious. Rather follow guidelines, wear a mask, wash hands and sanitize.  Laugh, sing and build your mental strength.  Do not let fear override your life.  You are strong. You are capable and you are wise.  Leaders are not born they are made.  Be a leader and set an example for all to see.  Your words and actions matter.


"Adaptability is being able to adjust to any situation at any given time." John Wooden

The Second Key is ADAPTING to a new regimen. As an avid tennis player, I miss the sport and the friendships surrounding the daily endeavor.  After all, it was a job for me with a start and finish time as well as an opportunity to manage large teams.  No, I wasn't paid but often the things we love to do do not have a monetary end game.  Alas, adapting is imperative.

Recently Roger Federer started a tennis challenge of volleying against a wall.  Serena Williams answered the challenge and can be seen on Instagram hitting a tennis ball against a wall over and over again.   It is a new key for them and hopefully for me.  I just need to find a wall or perchance the garage door?  

What are you doing differently? Working at home, going for long walks, working out, eating better, swinging a golf club in the backyard, noticing the flowers, birds and bees, being with family?  The sky is the limit.   Or are you noticing everything that bothers you and shouting it out on social media?   Remember positive energy begets positive energy.  Telling others how to live their lives is not a healthy path for anyone involved.  We are all adapting.  Are you?


"There's no place like home."  Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Third Key is  your HOME, Little House on the Prairie minimalist style.  Do you remember the television show Little House on the Praire (1974-1983?  The series was based on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books about a family living a simple farming life during the 1800's.  The home was small and what they owned was minimal.  In fact, myself and others grew up in exceedingly small homes in the 1960's that were simple in design, included basic decor plus one of each appliance, television etc.  We did not have a lot of "stuff" or endless amounts of gadgets that did this or that or even clothes. Instead, we used our own ingenuity to create, sew, accomplish, build, clean and rework to fit our needs.  We created dreams, we worked hard to achieve and we were fighters or rather survivalists with endless goals. No one did it for us.  We learned to rely on ourselves.

What does this have to do with us? Several of my friends, including me, are cleaning out their homes seeking out a simpler and minimalist vibe. They are donating all the extra "stuff" or rather "collected clutter" that has been amassed.   You will notice how freeing it is to empty out shelves or rooms littered with nik-naks and useless gadgets that are lying around gathering dust.

This doesn't mean painting and recreating your style in the home unless you want too.  Maybe you love the warm and traditional affect of a Downton Abbey decor or the austere grey and white mix but either way less baubles is refreshing.  Additionally, you do not have to downsize.   I have heard through the grapevine that those who downsized because they thought they should or were being told they should have regretted the move from their family home.  It used to be that if you were very old, strapped for money or ill then downsizing was a must.  Now, it seems to be a mantra that doesn't always lead to happiness.  If you have your dream home where you have lived for years then why downsize?  Furthermore, downsizing does not mean you will save money in this day and age with everything outrageously priced. Stay put especially now more than ever when the future is unknown.


From This...

To That...

"Buy less, choose well & make it last." Vivienne Westwood

The Fourth Key is your WARDROBE.  The goal of Forever Chic Style in regards to fashion was to promote apparel that is timeless.  The idea is to purchase a select number of interchangeable pieces that that can be worn year round.  Now, I am not the best at this because I do love clothing and have way to much of it which means it is that time of year again to donate.  However, I have always purchased well designed and constructed pieces.  The task is hard for me.   If you have read Maria Kondo book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" she recommends throwing all of your clothing on a bed and going through it one by one.   I have done this with some of my clothes but always wonder will I want it later? Sigh, similar to discarding nik-naks.  Go ahead and toss it.

Moreover I am not a fan of buying cheap apparel.  I have always bought what I could afford.  For instance, if one pair of pants was expensive then I would buy just one rather than take the same amount of money and buy three.  The reality is the three will not last whereas the more expensive piece will.  Another example are layering pieces and tee shirts which are essential to a thriving closet.  A cheap and poorly crafted tee shirt will last six months or less based on the number of wearings.  Pilling can occur and changes the appeal of the piece.  If you had purchased a well made tee shirt the length of time owning it doubles and triples even with excessive washing.   The bargain shoppers after buying the "deal of the century" are disappointed when the quality fails.  Thus, a waste of money and time.  Or they are super savvy and get a great basic at a good deal.  If you check your favorite brands, you will see that the price is often discounted several times a year.

Do you like classic and timeless or trendy apparel?  If you invest in classics you will be spending less money in the long run.  For instance, during this quarantine time, I find myself wearing jeans and then my favorite long sleeve tees made by Majestic and my short sleeve tees made by Rag & BoneMajestic tees are fitted and last for years.  No joke.   Rag & Bone cotton tees are relaxed and so comfortable.  Pair with jeans, belt, jewelry boots, slides or sandals and be off to the races or rather to you office, family room or living room.


Stock is limited at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  Fitted. 

Majestic Filatures Striped Boat-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Tee 

Rag & Bone Cotton Tees

Rag & Bone The Vee Basic T-Shirt


"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.  The best is yet to come."  Zig Ziglar

The Fifth Key is EXERCISE, EAT WELL and RELAX.  These are trying times and even when the sun is shining, birds are chirping one can feel a bit unsettled knowing that your own little universe is changing before your eyes.  Change, adapting is a way of life yet it has never been as more dramatic in our life times than it is now.  Nor has the entire world ever had to change and adapt together at record speed. The speed of shutting down the globe is mind blowing and the race against all odds to develop a vaccine is a marvel. Everyone is playing a part including you and I.   All the gears are cranking and we are sitting back courageously and with strength to see how it all plays out.  It is a science fiction movie that no one will ever believe years from now.

Thus, get up, put your work out gear on and get outside walking in your home or neighborhood.  Or walk on your treadmill, lift weights or create your own work out.   There are many online workouts available now too. The more you get moving the better you will feel.  Second eat well.  Okay, so I love Oreo double stuff cookies.  Indulge now and then enjoying the fruits of your workouts.   Third, relax. Read an escapism book while sitting in the sun. 

Five new keys to live by.  Live each day to the fullest and enjoy every minute.  Yes, it is different though maybe new delights will come your way.   Pray for the sick, hold each others hands and send positive energy and love to all you meet.  Even a smile or hello six feet away can brighten someones day.

 Words to Live By

For my mother.  God rest her soul.  It is one year today since she has passed.  I know she is in a happier place.  She was a fighter, a leader, strong personality, brilliant, beautiful and fought until the end.  Her strength and convictions are what my brothers and I carry on today.   

God Bless You!


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