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Groundhog Day - New Normal

Life April 2020

Sheltering in place is the new normal across our country and around the world. In fact, as of April 2nd, 3.9B people are remaining in their homes only to go out for groceries, medicine or for exercise with a 6 feet parameter.  Each day might be similar to the day before with slight variations.  Maybe you went to the local grocer, had one conference call instead of five or went on a longer walk. Perchance you spoke to family of friends, read a book or made a wonderful dinner.  The variances though small mean everything during this time.

Do you remember the movie, Groundhog Day (1993) staring Bill Murray as Phil Connors and Andie McDowell as Rita?  If not, it is a must see especially now when each of us are doing everything we can to flatten the spread of the COVID 19 virus.  The film is about a cynical and self absorbed weatherman who relives the same day over and over again. His assignment is to visit Punxsutwney, Pennsylvania to film the annual Groundhog Day celebration.  Each day an alarm clock blares and he is off to start the day.

He is rude, self focused and frankly doesn't think of how his actions affect other people nor does he care.  As the movie continues, the same day with the same people and same interactions happen over and over again. The film is very funny but has a wonderful message.  Finally, he realizes that if he changes who he is and begins to be connected to others, be aware, act kind, and empathetic he is released from living the same day over again. He becomes enlightened and integrated into humanity rather than self focused.

"The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively." Bob Marley 

Improved Self! Stop Button. Reset.

What does this have to do with us in April 2020? Well, perhaps this is a stop button to restart ourselves by creating a newer and improved self.   As I stated most received the memo early March to think about how to flatten the curve. Yet even at the end of March, there were reports on social media or in the press of  people flying home from vacations flaunting photos of empty planes or photos of all the fun with groups at events.  Or how about people racing off from their hometowns ripe with the virus to their second homes only to infect more people.  Additionally, states were starting to lock down and wanted all tourists or non residents to depart.   Obviously, this wasn't the time to go on vacation.  We all knew this the beginning of March yet many could not be told no.

It was downright reckless to even contemplate going on vacation.  Most of my friends cancelled plans and adjusted quickly.  Especially when we were hearing reports from abroad or in other states that large venues such as BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells, California was cancelled.  This was a strong signal that we needed to avoid large crowds at the beginning of March.

Why risk it when the news was rampant with the illness spreading like wildfire around the world.  It is as if some people live above the rules.  To compound the issue, spring breakers were not going to denied nor others who desperately wanted to attend group events just to be seen, dance or commune with people from all over the world.  Two words- senseless and selfish.

"I will do whatever I want, whenever I want because I can and am above it all." 

This fundamental "I will do whatever I want"  belief system puts them in-sync with Bill Murray's character in the movie Groundhog Day.  They are self involved, often arrogant, misguided and bottom line blissfully ignorant.  Did they not watch the news or get the memo?  Why the blind eye?  Let's hope a lesson was learned.

Of course, many of us just shook our heads because we remembered there is a greater goal at hand.  Stop the spreading of the virus by staying home and keeping your distance.  Most importantly, pray for the sick and pray for those on the front line.  Let your integrity and character be at the forefront during these trying times.  Your actions speak volumes of who you are in this world.  Be memorable for doing the right thing.

"Never doubt the power of prayer." 

The Daily Drill 

"What I am realizing is how little I really need.  This is a reset." 

By now we are adjusting to a daily routine in our humble abodes.  Similar to Phil Connors in Groundhog Day yet we are the enlightened ones by following the guidelines and promoting kindness.  Most likely, we will have several more months of repeating the same pattern.   For now, May 4th is our new social distancing deadline.  Are you ready?

Currently, you get up make your bed, pour coffee, feed your animals, turn on the news to learn the latest on the virus and start your day. Be sure to mix in light shows with something upbeat. Perhaps you take time to work out, get online, touch base with friends and prepare for meetings with coworkers.  Others are painting, being creative with their hands, rearranging furniture, developing donation piles, home schooling children, cleaning, making food and keeping busy.  I have two friends sewing masks daily and others dropping off flowers or gifts or calling and helping the elderly in my neighborhood.  While you are doing good for others we have one question to ponder.

Are you taking time for you?  And, what does this mean taking care of myself.

Self Care Rules

Marvelous Makeup

1. Put On Your Makeup:  You will feel instantly better and self confident in your home and on video for work or friend chats with a dab of makeup.   It is easy, quick and the rewards are ten-fold.  Don't forget your lipstick too.  In other words, don't change your routine and not "get ready" for your day.  Make an effort.

 Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips Glossy Lipstick

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup - but the right makeup can be pretty powerful."  Bobbi Brown

Accessorize for You

II. Rings, Bracelets and Accessories:   A sparkling bauble is a must.  Make your heart sing with a colorful ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet or scarf.  The little extra brings a bit of joy while you complete your daily tasks.  Think of Dr. Deborah Brix on the United States task force who is always wearing a cheerful and colorful scarf.  She is on television everyday and working tirelessly to give us the latest facts.  Thank you. 

Rainbow of Hope - For Adina - Recover Well My Friend
Adina's Jewels Rainbow Rainbow Crystal Ring

Alexis Bittar Small Thin Hoop Earrings

"I've have always thought the accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit." Michael Kors

Outdoor Vibe 

III. Work out, Walk, Run:  Make an effort to get exercise and fresh air if possible.  It is so important to keep our bodies moving.  The outdoors can remind you of how lucky you truly are on a daily basis.  Soak up the surroundings, listen to the birds and admire the beauty surrounding you.  You are blessed.

Work Out Wear - My Favorite

Zella Live in High Waist Leggings

Zella Hi Energy Long Sleeve Active Tee

Not a fan of sweatpants!  Sloppy.  Of course, your own personal call. 

"I don't make excuses.  I make results." 

Dress for Home & Success

IV.  How You Dress:  At home put on a nice pair of jeans, black pants, sweater or blouse.  Dress up a bit.  Make yourself standout for YOU.  This isn't a time to start dressing down in sweats and lounge wear.  Do you want to know why?  If you are not working out, most likely you are eating more and sitting around.   Did you know that your work out gear stretches out almost one inch in a year. Wear your clothes!   

Rag & Bone Nina High Waist Skinny Jeans

Do Dress

Nicole Kidman looks elegant in this outfit. East to put together too. 

Do Not Be Sloppy! 

In this photo of Sarah Jessica Parker she looks like a mess.   She definitely is not channeling Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City television show and films.  On another note she probably took her time putting this outfit together.   

"Dressing well is a form of good manners" Tom Ford

Intelligence - Knowledge - Be Informed

V.  Be Informed. Watch Television News Briefings. Read:  In my opinion, it is important to be an informed citizen about the COVID 19 virus.   Start your day by understanding what is going on around in your state, country and beyond.  Knowledge is the road to power, freedom and leads to a sense of calmness.  If you listen to the daily briefings you will have more information from the doctors on the task force.  You will learn that companies across our country are creating, developing and do whatever it takes to create and provide supplies per the Defense Act Production.

Knowledge is Power and Instills Calmness

If you suffer from anxiety, become informed. Period.  Knowledge is power.  Those that keep their heads in the sand or only read or listen to one channel are not getting all the information.  You have to be able to sift through information to obtain what is true.  For instance, there was an article on how a sneeze could spread germs 27 feet.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, Senior doctor on the United States Task Force, laughed when he answered the question from a reporter on the distance a sneeze can carry.  This is virtually impossible.

Be Wary of Yellow Journalism

In other words, be wary of what you read or hear on television.  My recommendation is to tune into the daily COVID 19 task force.  After all, these are the foremost experts in our country.  Television hosts, news reporters and media often misconstrue what they hear and write instead for sensationalism, clicks and sales.   Additionally, Governor Andrew Cuomo, of New York is impressive with his daily reports too.

As a University of Washington, Speech Communications major, I took classes on "yellow journalism".  Yellow journalism is to present little or no legitimate well-researched news. Instead the goal is to use eye-catching headlines for increased sales.  The techniques include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering and sensationalism.  Thus, during this grave time, we need to be aware of what information we are allowing into our minds.  Facts are facts. 

There you have it.  Groundhogs Day only with hope, peace, understanding, prayers for the sick and for those on the front lines.  We can do this together as one.  Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay positive.

"Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living."  Anthony Douglas Williams

 "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963, 35th President of the United States)

God Bless Those That are Sick

God Bless Those on the Front-Lines

God Bless You!



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