Golden Globes Review 2020

Lights, Camera and Action

"The number one goal of an artist is to entertain.  Anything else is vanity." 

The 77th Golden Globes soiree was held on Sunday, January 5, 2020 with funny man Ricky Gervais at the helm as host.  He, of course, did what he does best for the 5th time. He berated and made fun of the Hollywood community while procuring laughter from many.  Those that couldn't handle the banter exemplified a lack of self deprecation. If you can't take the heat in the spotlight then why attend the event? However, the overall vibe of the event centered on grace, humility, friendship, connection, collaboration and kindness.  The few who demonstrated these traits stood out among all others.  They captured the essence of what is needed in our society today.  Which is bringing people together collectively and reminding all of us about the gift of entertainment, the art of laughter and working together.

Friendship was displayed over and over again throughout the show with witty jokes, jolly chuckles and acceptance speeches on stage reminding everyone that who they have become is because of the collaboration with others over projects.  The cream of the crop in the industry are team players.  Not divas, nor whiners but those who show up on time to the set and events, know their lines and give performances that enhance one another. Their respect for the writers, directors, producers, peers and everyone involved in developing any form of entertainment is paramount. Here are examples from those with grace, humility and understand the greater good of humanity.

"He makes the world a better place" Charlize Theron about Tom Hanks

"A man is blessed with a family sitting down in front like that."  "I can't tell you how much your love means to me." Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, receiving the prestigious Cecil D Demille Award, tearing up with gratitude primarily for his family and for all fellow thespians, directors and producers who have been entwined with him throughout a lifetime of film. The acting chops and friendships of those around him inspired his career.   I also believe that if you are likable, which Hanks is, the doors are always open.  If you are difficult or a diva the doors remain shut.  And, maybe sometimes a difficult person is let back into the arena especially if they know you are the perfect fit for a part.  Tom Hanks is the quintessential actor who brings his best to the big screen and knows how to befriend and get along with everyone.  It is a skill that is learned.  And, one that is cherished by all.

"We're so lucky to work together and love each other and to be able to create together." Nicole Kidman

Laura Dern, winner of Best Supporting Actress for Marriage Story, when talking to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet prior to the show Nicole Kidman rushed up to support her friend of years because she really wanted too.  She was going to back off but Seacrest and Dern wanted Kidman to stay.  The glowing words from Kidman about Dern and her craft were heartfelt. They are true besties and it was noticeable.

"All I ever wanted to do is to make people feel good and laugh.  There is no greater feeling then when someone tells me they feel better because of my show." Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres, recipient of the Carol Burnett Award, spoke powerfully about her lifelong goal of making people laugh, her life and struggles that transpired after coming out gay.  What was more profound was Kate McKinnon beforehand giving a touching and moving speech how Degeneres changed her life. Naturally, everyone at the event fawned over the funny lady Carol Burnett giving her the respect and honor she rightly deserves.

"Hey, if you see a chance to be kind to someone tomorrow, take it," he added before walking off the stage.  "I think we need it." - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, winner of Best Supporting Actor for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, gave a witty and funny speech ending with do something kind for someone tomorrow.  He mentioned the following, "I wanted to bring my mom but I couldn't because any woman I stand next to, they say I'm dating and it'd just be awkward."  Pitt also gave Leonardo DiCaprio his due by reminding everyone of DiCaprio's famed barren run at major awards shows, with the actor only winning his first Oscar in 2016 for The Revenant, despite getting first nomination back in 1994.  DiCaprio is above and beyond  almost everyone with his acting ability and fellow peers know it.  "I used to watch year after year, his co-stars accept awards and get up and thank him profusely, Pitt said. "I know why.  He's an all star. He's a gent.  And I wouldn't be here without you.  I thank you man. Still, I would've shared the raft."  By the way if you haven't seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, do it.  The movie is outstanding and the acting superb.  I have a friend who has seen it three times.

Movies & Network 

I have seen many of the films and television shows.  My favorites to date include Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker,  Dolomite, The Crown and Barry.   I need to view quite a few more films before the Oscars! Best get busy.

Red Carpet FASHION - Red & Diamonds

The fashion was all about the color red with diamonds.  There were many other frocks that stood out such as Jennifer Aniston wearing a Dior black gown with a small belt and ruffled bodice with a diamond necklace.  Or Renee Zellweger in an Armani ski blue fitted off the shoulder gown which emphasized her petite figure.  I would have added a drop diamond earrings to the ensemble for a bit more bling.  Some of the fashionistas chose gowns with the over the top football shoulders, embellishments or too much skin squished together screaming desperation.

My favorite ensembles were the "ladies in red" including a red lip.

Stop the Press! Ladies in Red! 

Nicole Kidman, nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series (Big Little Lies), from head to toe was stunning with the red column dress, gold drop earrings, matching clutch and red strappy heels.  

Dame Helen Mirren, nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series (Catherine the Great)  - Regal, royal and magnificent sashaying down the red carpet. 

Scarlett Johanson, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, (Marriage Story) lit up the red carpet in a plunging jaw dropping gown that took everyone's breathe away. 

Worst Dressed List

The worst dressed were shocking.  I am wondering whether these women intentionally donned gowns that were over the top and not flattering?   Maybe they want to be on the worst dressed list?  After all, any press is good press. 

"Dress shabbily and the remember the dress; Dress impeccably and they remember the woman." Coco Chanel. 

Jennifer Lopez, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Hustlers) wore a concoction that made on think of wrapped Christmas gift.  The ensemble was not flattering.  She covered up her gorgeous figure which was a shame though her performance in Hustlers was exceptional.

Cate Blanchett, nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Film Comedy, (Where'd You Go Bernadette) resembled a yellow fan or perhaps a seashell.  She always nails an outfit on the red carpet but this was a major miss.  On a positive and graceful note, Blanchett, stated the following for the horrific burning bush fires in Australia. Her words were well put. 

"There are a lot of Australians in the room tonight," she said.  "I know we are all very grateful for the call-outs to our fellow compatriots who are suffering under the bush fires, so thank you.

"I wanted to do a special call-out to the volunteer firefighters who have been at the center of battling the climate disaster that is facing Australia.

"And of course, when one country faces a climate disaster, we all face a climatge disaster, so we're in it together, so thank you very much.

Gwyneth Paltrow was an earthy mama in a brown naked frock.  The strategically cut pieces of material emphasized her well toned body yet no mystery.  Why not wear a beautifully cut gown instead of a "scream look at me" dress that was just frankly ugly.

There you have it.  Another year is upon us and the Golden Globes 2020 did not disappoint.  The friendships, community and gratefulness for the careers of those in the Hollywood industry was on full display.  It was a reminder that great work of any kind comes from working together, being kind, spreading joy and helping one another.  Those that can hone these traits are always at the top of the pack.  In the year of 2020, let's all make an effort to be kind to others, reach out to those in need and be a beacon of light to everyone you meet.

Be Kind. Be a Light. Be Thoughtful.

Cheers, Kim


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