Stocking Stuffers 2019

The Little Things Matter Most!

Do you remember growing up and excited to open your stocking?  There were always little wonders hidden in the sock that was just for you.  The joy of opening a tiny gift only to find out it was the best present of the day.  The delight in watching a child's eyes light up because of a small ball or something funny.   Create wonderment this holiday season.  Here are my little gifts with sparkle, shine and joy.

Hand Cream - The Best For The Winter Months - All Year Round

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Ponytail  Scrunchies Holders - Yes - The Best for Any Activity!  Pretty too. 

Daily Planner - Yes, Smart Phones are Divine - However, having a small daily planner keeps one tip top organizedCelebrities adore this planner.  Selling out fast. 

Crafted in England, 1908 design, leather and is luxurious and classic.  There is something to be said about having literally everything at your fingertips and visual.   Plus the act of writing stimulates the  brain and cements your appointments, to do list to memory so that you don't have to look up everything.  Seriously works.  Smartphones are genius but not the same.  You need the hand, eye and brain connection.  Several of my friends carry them around everywhere.  This is the perfect size. Several colors. 

Smythson Panama Pocket 2020

Kiehl's Buttermask For Lips - Wear at night and wake up with smooth and lush lips.  Really works.  I promise.  Almost out of mine. 

Dior Eyeshadow - Limited Edition - Love the colors for day and night.  Wear my daily. 

Happy stocking shopping.   Enjoy the wonders of this beautiful and joy filled season.

Until Next Time!  Be Kind. Be a Light. Be Thoughtful.



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