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Louis Vuitton Advertisements 2013 Remain in Vogue 2014
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Mad Men - AMC  
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Cameron -  In  Fuschia
The Duchess of Cambridge

The Forever Chic Style Collection

Spring & Summer 2014







Spring and Summer 2014 is besotted and soaked in a rainbow of color ranging from the palest baby blues and prettiest pinks to bursts of lively oranges, ravaging reds and lemon peel yellows.  The symphony of hues offers a palette to compliment fashionable and ladylike mavens from muted cool to fiery hot.  For cool tones, think Downton Abbey (Masterpiece Theatre) at tea time, garden parties, and for wild hot vibrant tones envision the 60's Madmen (AMC 2014 - Part 1 of Season finale - April 13,2014) sassy flair.  Mix it all up for a springtime 2014 and recognize that either pastels or fire tones are "it" this coming season.

Manners and etiquette combined with color, pointy pumps and flats, black and white, queenly attire, head scarfs, vintage sun wear, glittering jewelry make a show stopping statement. Step back, assess existing wardrobe and decide to begin anew with a proven and powerful ladylike point of view.   The 20 something is at the forefront of reaching for a feminine piece or two and willing to standout in a crowd!  Are you also ready to take the plunge? Forever Chic Style fashionistas embrace and exude Countess Cora, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Joan, Betty, Megan, Peggy or Cameron Diaz in pink or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in apparel with aplomb!

NOTE:  Highlighting expensive clothing below. However, a savvy Forever Chic Style shopper will be on the look out for similar attire at half the cost. Or purchase only one expensive piece that will last the test of time.  It can be done.  Do not spend a lot on Spring and Summer fashion.  Always, save extra dollars for the colder months when heavy wool coats, turtlenecks and boots are required.  In other words, be a smart shopper.  Do not buy into funky trends.  If you are reading this blog - then you know that I believe in quality over quantity.

Palette of Pastels - Buttery Yellows, Minty Greens and...


I.   Rhapsody in Blues:  Capture the essence of the moment in soft shades of blue creating a memorable and feminine image.  For instance, a fitted pastel blue cardigan is fresh and stylish for a sun infused day.  Of course, blouses, coats, sheath dresses, jeans, glasses and even freshly painted nails in sky blue flatters the wearer.  Add a rope of pearls or combine defining baby blues with white and evoke an image of the ocean blue, a glacier lake or blue sky with clouds.   "Lets sing the blues this season with ultra feminine enchantment."

 Baby Blue Cardigan
Center Stage Sun Wear
Quimby - Aurora - Warby Parker - $95 w/o prescription & $145 w prescription

Pretty in Pink

II.  Prettiest in Pink:  A variety of pinks are making a ladylike statement setting the stage for a spot of tea, a grass lawn affair, a tie the knot celebration or any elegant soiree.  Louis Vuitton captured the parade of pastels in the Spring 2013 advertising campaign with pink commanding attention.  Pinks in a variety of hues are especially breathtaking against the skin creating an image of an English rose. Snap up statement necklaces, handbags or chandelier earrings and spice up any ensemble with Chanel pink-like sophistication. "Embrace cotton candy pinks spreading happiness across the land."

Spring Tea Time


Perfection Bracelet - Right Price
Lee by Lee Angel - Nordstrom -$38

Breathtaking Hot House Flowers with Butterflies


III.  Ladylike Infusion of  Vivid Floral:  In contrast to the lovely and delicate pastels, bright colors remain gloriously popular  in confident oranges, sunshine yellows, emerald greens, riveting reds and passionate purples. Think paintings by Monet with a profusion of blooms and escape into the magic of adding a spark of solid color or a bouquet of flowers to an ensemble.  Remember to tone down a striking shade with white or black and never arrive in all floral.  Instead pick up a floral pair of pumps, blouse, shorts or basically only one item drenched in flowers.  "Color madness from butterflies and roses, pansies, tulips signal radiance and self worth."

Daring in Spicy Red

Trina Turk - Double Breasted Trench Coat - Nordstrom - $398

Ooh La La......

kate spade new York 'talley' Colorblock Sweater - Nordstrom - $248

A Little Floral

Ivanka Trump 'Indico' Pump - Nordstrom - $99


A Roman Affair

    IV. Royalty & Roman Holiday:   The royalty inspired attire from Fall 2013 continues to parade forth in Spring and Summer 2014.  Glittering gold and silver jewelry and geometric patterns transport the vacationer in style.  Embrace gladiator sandals, pleated skirts, lace tops and layered bracelets for strong and memorable impression. With the movie Maleficent releasing in theatre on May 30, 2014, take note of Angelina Jolie, as Maleficent, and cast a spell with a patterned top or full black lace skirt, white tee shirt, chunky necklace and live a little on the dark side. After all, all sweet and sugar sometimes needs a breath of wickedness.   "Well, well!"  Maleficent from the film Maleficent.

The Gladiator
Louise et Cie 'Apolla" Leather Gladiator - Nordstrom - $118

Cleopatra Gold
Argento Vivo - Nordstrom - Check out this Brand


The Zebra Effect

  Zebra - The Black and White Effect:  Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are the supreme role models for "classic" black and white pairings.  Slip on black capris, a white shirt or blouse, add sandals and a pop of color cardigan plus jewelry to make an entrance.  Or gravitate towards a zebra print and reflect animal magnetism.  Bottom line, the combination of black and white always is the talk of the town.  "To be or not to be classically attired, that is the question?" 


Diane Von Furstenberg - 'New Jeanne 2' Silk Wrap Dress - Nordstrom - $365

White Shirt Takes Command

VI.  The Power of the White Blouse:   The white button down shirt is the absolute one apparel piece destined for a Forever Chic Style wardrobe.  Sharon Stone rocked the infamous Gap white shirt and Vera Wang evening skirt at the 1998 Oscars, while fashion designer Carolina Herrera is often seen with a white blouse and skirt.  Hands down, the most important piece to own.  Distant cousins is the hot white dress shirt.    If inspiring to be seen as successful - combine a snow white top and pair with color or black for stop the press effect.  "All the world is a stage, and we are mere bit players."  Shakespeare

White Shirt Makes a Strong Statement

Theory - 'Larissa 2' Shirt - Nordstrom -$215

The Accessory Finish

VII. Everyday Charmers - Accessories - Enchanting accessories complete and finish any movie set or scene or for that matter any apparel ensemble.  Imagine Downton Abbey or the film The Great Gatsby (2013) without stunning gowns absent of pearls, tiaras and jewels?  How dull, how sad and how colorless.  Thus, sun wear, beaded head wraps or scarves, layered bracelets and bedecked chandelier earrings scream ageless fashion appeal. "Diamonds, jewels either real or fake, bracelets, sunglasses, scarves and headbands are a girls best friend!"

Flirty Fun


Cara Monochrome Floral Head Wrap  - Nordstrom - $26


Pointed Toed Ladies 

VIII. Spot on Point - Pumps and Flats: Once again, pointed toed pumps and flats overshadow their rounded toe sisters.  Dainty pointed toes make a classic statement.  There are numerous styles to choose ranging from the kitten heeled pump to the three inch and higher va va voom number.   For everyday, a kitten heel is sophisticated and frankly elegant with leggings, capris, suit or jeans. Of course, comfortable too.  The look is fresh and very feminine.  Think of Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs in the movie The Devil Wears Prada (2006) running errands for the diva Vogue-like Magazine Editor,  Miranda Priestly, Meryl Streep, with pointed toed boots and pumps.   Or celebrities in the pointed toe pump during the day or for evening soiree events.   Every outfit is Audreyesq complete with "point on" pumps sending a message of confidence and style.  Pick out a black and nude pair. "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."  Audrey Hepburn

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes -Pointy Toed Trend


Ivanka Trump - 'Carmen' Flat - Nordstrom - $129.95

"It" Travel Bags

IX. Practical Hands Free - Hand Bags:  Top of mind handbags hitting the everyday runway are the crossbody, the shoulder and the timeless quilted classic Chanel-like (first introduced by Chanel in February 1955) purses.  Of course, structured top handle affairs always top the charts yet sometimes a fashionista requires a secure hands free piece for travelling abroad or outings either casual or elegant. These numbers fit the bill and can be obtained in a variety of colors and have a feminine twist.  There is always black, which will stand the test of time too.  "I don't do fashion, I am fashion." Coco Chanel

The Crossbody

Longchamp - Crossbody - 'Roseau' Crossbody Bag - Nordstrom - $380

As Seen on a Savvy Shopper

kate spade new york - 'cobble hill - mini carson' crossbody bag - Nordstrom $198

Oh - So Chanel Like
Rebecca Minkoff - 'Mini Affair' Convertible Crossbody Bag - Nordstrom - $195

Puffy Pink Pouts

X. Forever French Pink Lips: Pink lips are the perfect finish to a fashion ensemble  this season.  Of course, the shade of pretty in pink can vary from soft and petulant to bold and noticeable.  It all depends on the temperament of the day, the apparel and venue.  Pink is soothing, loving and yet can be a torrid fiery affair so close to the passion of red. Either way, pink lips from the palest tones to the brightest hues demand attention, signal refinement and establish elegance.

Some Favorite Brands.....
Tom Ford Lip Color - Nordstrom - $49

This Chanel Brand Stays on All Day!




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