Sorority Rush - Conversation and What to Wear!

It is that time of year when young ladies are sent off to college for rush recruitment in the Greek system at local universities across the country.  Rush is where the house active members are recruiting new members similar to an interview for a job or going on a date.  In the state of Washington, Washington State University (WSU) rush begins on August 10th until August 18th.  And, the University of Washington (UW) rush begins on September 6th until September 13th.  Recently, as a Chi Omega, Area Recruitment Information Chair, I have had the pleasure and honor of helping three amazing young women - two attending WSU and one attending UW.   Besides helping them with resumes and connections - their number one question is "What do I talk about and what do I wear for Rush?"

First of all, let's clear the air about sororities.  Sororities are a lifelong commitment where a group of intelligent, savvy and amazing young women live together, build lasting lifelong friendships, walk to class together, eat together and watch out for one another when going to school on a large campus.  Additionally, let me state loud and clear, "sorority girls are not Reese Witherspoon's character, El Woods from the movie, Legally Blonde!"  They work off campus during the school year and summers, give back to society, and basically are overall high achievers.  The resumes I receive as a Chi Omega Area Recruitment Information Chair in the State of Washington are mind boggling. These gals are smart, philanthropic and go getter's.  They have achieved more by the time they are 18 than most people my age.  It is truly amazing.  Congratulations to these young women from all walks of life.  Additionally, sorority life today is rich with diversity, which is important in a changing world.

Here are Forever Chic Style tips for the northwest young ladies per a very helpful sorority alumna that I met at Nordstrom. Thank you! The south and east coast most likely have the same conversation codes with different apparel standards.  This is my Forever Chic Style  opinion for the Northwest young ladies:

Conversation Forever Chic Style Tips


  1. Be yourself:  Discuss your summer, what you want to do in college, what you did in high school that you enjoyed.  Why you want to be in a sorority?  My mother, brother or friend was in a sorority and they loved it.  Or, I had heard about the Greek system and wanted to participate since I am going to a large school.  I want to be a part of a community that gives back to society plus enjoy the college life together with my new girlfriends.
  2. Show Enthusiasm:  Be excited and show passion when you are talking. Be upbeat.
  3. Compliment:  Nice house, your dress is pretty etc. Remember be sincere.
  4. Smile:  A smile is a thousand words and demonstrates that you are open and friendly.
  5. Interested is Interesting:  Ask the person talking to you about themselves.  Where are you from? What year are you? What are you studying? What is the Greek life like?  They will remember you.
  6. Thank you:  Thank the people you interact with at the houses. It was nice to meet you. 
  7. Mints:  Have mints on hand and pop them in before entering a house.   
  8. Water:  Keep hydrated.  

  1. Gum:  Do not chew gum.  Tacky!
  2. Swearing or Slang Words:  Refrain from swearing or using slang verbiage.  It does not make you appear hip and cool in fact is quite the opposite.
  3. Money, Money, Money:  Do not talk about money.  Do not mention you vacation in the Hampton's via a private jet.  Or that my dad is a famous heart surgeon.  Or that I live in a mansion on the lake.  Or that you spend a lot on clothes. WHY? Because no one cares and it makes a bad impression.   Remember - you never know who you are talking too.
  4. Embellishing Who You Are:  Do not create outlandish stories about yourself.  Everyone always finds out the truth.
  5. Name Dropping:  Do not name drop unless it is a mutual high school connection.
  6. My Mother is Making Me:  Do not tell people that your mother is making you go through rush.
  7. Already Decided Which House:  Do not tell the house actives that you are meant for Kappa, Chi or Alpha house.  
  8. Debbie Downer:  Do not be negative or throw a bucket of cold water on a tale.  Or tell stories of personal hardship.  Again, you do not know who you are talking too.  Everyone wants you to be having fun through rush. Discussing your personal life history is boring and shows bad taste.  You have already made it over the hurdle and were accepted to the school.  Be proud and not a Debbie Downer.

Beauty & Apparel Choices

  1. Hair, Nails, Makeup, Cell Phone etc.: 
    • Long hair - Short hair:  Recently trimmed.  If long curl or straighten.  Keep freshly washed.
    • Mani and Pedi: Paint your nails in a neutral or a bright fun color as well as your toes. Match the colors.
    • Makeup: Keep makeup on face light and not overly made up with lots of black liner, mascara and eye shadow used for a night out on the town.  Make sure lipstick does not stain your teeth.   
    • False eyelashes:  If wearing false eyelashes only select those that look normal. They can be a bit too much for daytime.
    • Small Purse:  Small purse for mints, lipstick & phone etc.
    • Mirror - Have a small mirror in your purse that you can use to check makeup between houses.
    • Sunscreen:  Wear sunscreen on your face, arms etc.  You will be walking in the heat and do not want to get burned.
    • Perfume:  Spritz on perfume.
    • Tattoo's and Piercing:  Cover tattoo's and remove visible piercings from the mouth, nose, eyebrow etc.. While you think these symbols make you an unique individual - it instead detracts from you while you are conversing.
    • Jewelry:  Keep it simple; diamond studs, a couple of bracelets and rings.  Nothing noisy. 
    • CELL PHONE:  Turn your phone OFF during rush. You do not want the cell phone to ring or vibrate while talking to people.  Keep it in your purse and out of sight. 
    • Wear a WATCH:  Wear a watch to keep track of time.  Only use your cell phone when outside walking between houses.
  2. Apparel
    • Day 1 & Day 2:   Wear flattering shorts or a short skirt with a tank top or a blouse that is light and airy.   Wear flats or very low heels.  You will be walking to over 10 houses depending on the school and often the houses are spread out.  Forget high heels.  No cleavage or super tight fitting tank tops.  No nylons.  Flatter your figure - do not show off the dreaded "muffin top".  Chose colors that flatter you. 
    • Day 3:  Skirt with and fun top.
    • Day 4:  Sundress or skirt with a pretty top with wedges.
    • Day 5:  Fancy sundress or an elegant sheath dress with wedges or heels.  Nylons optional.
    • Other:  Do not wear scuffed shoes or sandals. 
Good luck & have fun!  You will end up in the house you are meant to be in.  I guarantee it. And, the relationships you forge will weather the test of time with lots of love and sisterly care.  Sisterhood is a wonderful path to happiness during college and beyond. 

A few words from me!

"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use"
Emily Post


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