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Fresh Snaps 2022

  Favorite Brands  "You're off to great places, today is your day.  Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." - Dr. Seuss A new year is upon us!  Once again, we wake up with surprise, hope and a feeling of joy even when the world is a bit chaotic.  Name a time in history when it was not?  Hard right.  There is always something boiling in the kettle.  It is how you adapt, become flexible and can bend like a twig without breaking.  Can you easily transform, change your plans, and track a new course?  Or do you remain rigid, frozen in the past, ready to split, angry about the present?  Or do you blissfully comply to what is required, are fearless, think of others, and understand how your actions affect the greater good and proceed with grace? The year of selfishness hopefully has been thrown out the window.  And, a year of being selfless is in the cards for those who want to move forward and do not want to cling to a past.  What will this year bring?  Let's pray hap
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Winter 2021-2022 Top Reads

  Lights, Tea & Action The festive holidays and the year of 2021 are coming to a swift close. Another 365 days have flown by with continued drama, love and all the thrills of life. Additionally, several inches of snow has fallen in the Pacific Northwest remaining intact with a chilly cold front.  It was 20 degrees on Sunday, December 26th, breaking the record set in 1948 of 22 degrees.  The Dr. Zhivago cold will continue for the rest of the week with icicles, inches of snow and slick streets.  I hope you all remember the cold and vivid images from the film, Dr. Zhivago (1965)  which I saw when I was obviously much older. A five-year-old would not have an interest in this movie.  Our outdoor landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.  2021 will go out as a winter wonderland.  While we are keeping warm, there are a few books that I have enjoyed immensely. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or wine and settle into the winter months with a few memorable novels.  Of course, by a roaring fire!  &qu

Christmas is Here!

  The Snow Globe  The snow globe is a beautiful ornament that graces many homes across the world.  For me the perfect symbol for 2021.  The history behind this beautiful curio is fascinating as well.   The oldest snow globe came about in1878 at a Paris Universal Exposition, where a local glassware company displayed a paperweight constructed of a clear globe containing a man with an umbrella and white powder.  When shaken the illusion of snow fell.  These items were popular in the 1800's and collected with enthusiasm.  Moreover, in 1900, an Austrian man, named Erwin Perzy, hailed the inventor of the snow globe, figured out how to increase the light within, and procure the best material for the snow.   He then went on and sold dozens upon dozens with pewter figurines from his company, Firm Perzy.   It was in America, in 1927, that Joseph Garaja, patented the snow globe after constructing how to use liquid to assembly designs.  This made the snow globes an affordable commodity ranging

Prep School is Back

  Classic Apparel, Manners & Color Warmth "Preppy clothes are built to last, since they certainly will not go out of style." Lisa Birnbach The Official Preppy Handbook, in 1980, edited by Lisa Birnbach, made Bunny and Bif waves across college campuses and became the epicenter of the preppy movement.  (If you have a copy, you are in luck.  It is a difficult book to find.)  Everyone was quoting from this Muffy, Buffy brilliantly sassy "Let's cruise," reference guide, all the while adorning duck shoes for rain puddles and transforming into a preppy student sporting classic and subdued attire.  I remember my book well, which I still have, enjoying the witty writing and humorous declarations as I walked to and from class in my red duck shoes.  The book outlined manners, what to wear, appropriate preppy names and how to behave in public.  The chapters were a satire of sorts which made the book that more entertaining.  A follow up book,   True Prep , It's a Wh