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Color is Majestic

  Beauty is Everywhere! "Trust the process." - Hacks (2022) Summertime is ending.  The air is crisp in the morning signaling that fall is indeed around the corner.  Soon we will be donning sweaters, jeans, boots, and everything meant to be worn for cooler weather.  In the meantime, let's enjoy the last few weeks of glorious sunshine and mid-afternoon warmth.  If you have seen the show Hacks, (HBO Max) , then you know the main character Deborah Vance (Jean Smart, Best Actress Emmy 2022), loves to wear vibrant hues and big colorful earrings. Her character on the show,  embraces bold, daring accessories and lots of color supporting her larger-than-life personality.  Besides the apparel point, Hacks is brilliant, funny, witty, heartwarming and engaging.  The acting and script is superb.  I highly recommend watching.   What does this have to do with vibrant hues? Well, color in clothing is coming back full force the end of 2022 and slated for 2023.  Additionally, as stated pre
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Lululemon Dress - A Nantucket Vibe

  Beachy! A must-own dress for summer.  I purchased a similar dress from Lululemon four or five years ago.  On a recent visit to Lululemon in Bellevue Square, a friend of mines daughter, mentioned a dress on one of the racks similar to the one I own in light grey.  Thus, the three of us shopping together snapped it up in the olive color. It runs large so go down one size.  It is perfect for throwing on after working out, after swimming on a beach or for daily errands.  I wore with my Greats tennis shoes yesterday, which by the way are so comfortable.       The Dress I am calling it my Nantucket East Coast vibe frock.  Why? Well, I just finished,  The Hotel Nantucket by  Elin Hilderbrand .  It is a lively and fun summer read that is light, entertaining and keeps you on your toes until the finale.  The story is about the inner workings of a hotel and the people who make everything happen when we stay at a hotel.  I cannot believe some people leave their rooms in complete disarray f
  Summer Vibes Summer is a glorious time of the year.  The sunshine, water, lakes, rivers, flowers, trees, animals, birds all glow with happiness.  Lately, I have been struggling with what to write about on my Forever Chic Style page.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over and really should be renamed, The Nordstrom Basics Extravaganza.  You really cannot pick up anything that is high end designer on sale.  Why?  Well, apparently the high-end designers do not need Nordstrom to provide discounts because their items are selling out anyway.  The days of getting a "great bargain" price on an upscale item are apparently over.  That is okay.  Everything changes and we all need basics.  Hopefully, you all snagged a few much-needed items for the fall and winter months to come.  What are You Doing this Summer?  For me, The Pacific Northwest, is absolutely stunning  as stated with blue skies, sunshine and summer magic.  There is absolutely no reason to travel anywhere else on the pl

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

  It is Here!  Back to Basics! The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived.  The pre-sale has been going on for a while to Nordstrom cardholders. The sale will open to the public on Friday, July 15th .  From my perspective, the sale in 2022 is about acquiring "basic wardrobe attire."  For instance, snap up lingerie, bras, boots, a warm winter coat and mascara.  My goal is to only purchase items that are lasting and not something that I will get rid of in a year. Interestingly though understandable, I did not see my favorites from last year on sale again this year.  For instance, Rag & Bone cashmere sweaters on sale last year were the ultimate for wintery days. I wore them repeatedly through the cold months. The current economy is not doing anyone any favors.  Everything, as we all know, has become insanely and outrageously expensive and many high-end brands are not participating in the sale. This does not mean you cannot find a few fabulous pieces. Of course, you