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Oscars 2023 - Academy Awards 95th

  "Lights, Camera & Action"   "Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision, you have a commitment, you have a dream." - Oscar de la Renta The 95th Academy Awards show held on Sunday, March 12, 2023, started with aplomb and ended flat though the fashion was top-notch.  Old Hollywood glamour and fashion reigned supreme.   The fashion focus was on enhancing a silhouette, feature's, and individuality.  Let's commence with my commentary.  The opening monologue by Jimmy Kimmel was refreshing, light and funny. Last year's kerfuffle between host Chris Rock and actor Will Smith was highlighted.  It was noted that any form of violence will never again be accepted during the show.  Will Smith has been banned from the Oscars for ten years.  And rightfully so.  Everyone attending and watching concurred.  Since when is violence in any form acceptable in polite society?  The other emotional highlights were the first two awards and the acc
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Books March 2023

  Read, Read, Read "Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home."- Anna Quindlen March is upon us. We are blissfully excited because spring is around the corner.  The seasons are a blessing, fresh, different and always thrilling.  The world slowly comes alive, flowers start to sprout and the cycle of life begins anew.  I have read several books since the beginning of 2023. These are a few of them.  I tend to read historical fiction and beachy reads.  If I love an author's storytelling, I will devour all of her books.   My Latest Favorites For Readers Who Loved The Nightingale  The Paris Seamstress - Natasha Lester A French seamstress.  A British spy. An American heiress. One destiny that begins in war-torn France.  This is an unforgettable novel about WWII spanning generations, across the pond and so much more. The tale is told with two main characters starting with Estella Bissette, a young seamstress, 1940,

Best Mascara

  Lush Long Lashes "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."  Audrey Hepburn The eyes say it all.  Eyes are powerful communicators to the world.  Only in person, can we truly see, and understand one another.  Thus, human beings crave social interaction face to face.  Phone, Texting & Email  Talking on the phone is another avenue though we cannot see each other unless you FaceTime. We always feel better or create resolution after chatting on the gab mobile.  In comparison, texting and email are often less fruitful (no visual emotion) and can leave people wanting more or creating chaos.   A text, string of texts or email can be completely taken out of context causing anger, miscommunication and anxiety.  In other words, meeting in person or talking on the phone is paramount for successful communication.   What about the computer screen?  Of course, computer calls are a whole other dilemma.

Lip Balm - Ultimate Cold Weather Fix

Fantastique Hydration & Nourishment Winter continues to rain, sleet, hail, and snow on the west coast. The freezing temperatures are doing a number even in the normally sunny and warm cities in our country.   California is under siege with a historic weather pattern wreaking havoc. There is flooding, unusual snowfall, frigid temperatures, winds, and rain.  In our Pacific Northwest, a dusting of snow today with more icy rain mix expected.  All this chill of winter has left our lips chapped, flakey and a sight no one wants to see.  Which leads me to Laneige  Lip Treatment Balm and   Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  .   About two years ago, a girlfriend of mine, suggested I try Laneige Lip Treatment Balm .  She said, it was the best on the market and a must own.  I used the balm religiously and as a result my lips were soft, supple, and hydrated.  The unique container lasted two years.  I recently purchased another one plus the  Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask .  What is the difference you ask? 

White Blouse

  Chic in White "If in doubt, anything looks good with a white blouse." Victoria Beckham Throughout history, the white blouse always takes center stage.  The simple button down makes quite the entrance to any event.  Who can forget Sharon Stone at the 1998 Academy Awards wearing a white shirt with lavender skirt?  She stopped the press.  The Gap shirt with the Vera Wang skirt caused shock waves. The inexpensive combined with expensive worked.  Even Cate Blanchett, yesterday, gave a nod to wearing white.  She made airwaves with her ensemble at the annual Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts - Prince William, president of BAFTA), Tea party in Los Angeles on January 14, 2023.  She charmed in a black blouse with ruffled white neck and sleeves.  And paired the shirt with black trousers and pointy toe pumps.  Blanchett radiated classic elegance.   Tastemakers agree, the call to a white blouse is ever present in 2023.   To add spice to your white blouse, add a vivid hu

Series, Movies & Books - Happy New Year 2023

  Another Year Older - Another Year Wiser Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  May this new year of 2023 be inspirational, upbeat, and filled with joy.  Here is a brief recap of the shows, movies and books, which reigned supreme in 2022.  Lights, Camera, Action My Criteria: Was I emotional touched? Was the storyline enthralling? Were the actors believable? Was I entertained? The Rugged Individual:  Yellowstone -  Paramount + & HBO - 5 seasons:   Yellowstone, after five seasons, remains heart pumping unforgettable.  The storyline is about the ranch, Yellowstone, and the Dutton family.  There is plenty of family drama, politics and nature that captivates.  Because of the success of the Yellowstone, there have been several successful spinoffs. Kevin Costner, John Dutton, and cast are at the top of their game.  "It's the one constant in life.  You build something worth having, someone's gonna try to take it." John Dutton ___________ BEST SHOW - 1883 - Para

Holiday Gifts

  My Favorite Things 2022 "Christmas is the season of joy, of gift giving, and families united."  - Norman Vincent Peale Today is a sunny and bright cold day after a week of snowfall, which by the way, is stunning.  The cold wintery days are here.  With the holiday season, I thought about the items that I have loved over 2022.  It has been a year of reawakening for many and I for one am thrilled to see the events and life I enjoyed is back in full jingle bells swing.  Holiday shopping can be daunting especially when spending is not top of mind in a tough economy.  Thus, be thoughtful while picking up a gift of two.  One of my dear friends, often states if she purchases something, then she must get rid of a piece similar.  Alas, a reminder to be grateful for what you own.    I think back to my youth and college days.  We all had very little, shared clothes for dances, sewed our own clothes', painted our nails and counted our pennies. We never colored our hair professionall